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M.Tech DIP/DSP Projects

IEEE 2015 Projects on

Communication / Networking / Digital Image Processing / Signal Processing

Code Project Title Year Downloads Reversible
16D01 A bag-of-shapes descriptor for medical imaging IEEE 2016
16D02 Statistical modeling of retinal optical coherent tomography IEEE 2016
16D03 Wavelet-based texture-characteristic morphological component analysis for colour image enhancement IEEE 2016
16D04 Breast MRIs reporting aided system IEEE 2016
16D05 Automatic brain segmentation method based on Supervoxels IEEE 2016
16D05 Automatic brain segmentation method based on Supervoxels IEEE 2016
15D01 Topological modeling and classification of mammographic micro-calcification clusters IEEE 2015
15D03 Retinal area detector from scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) images for diagnosing retinal diseases IEEE 2015
15D04 Automatic diabetic retinopathy detection using Gabor filter with local entropy Thresholding IEEE 2015
15D05 Detection of lung cancer using marker-controlled watershed transform IEEE 2015
16D06 Active contour model with entropy-based constraint for image segmentation IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D07 Region-based moving shadow detection using watershed algorithm IEEE 2016
16D08 An improved traffic signs recognition and tracking method for driver assistance system IEEE 2016
16D09 Early detection of sudden pedestrian crossing for safe driving during summer nights IEEE 2016
16D10 Sub-Markov random walk for image segmentation IEEE 2016
16D11 Edge detection techniques using fuzzy logic IEEE 2016
15D17 Image processing for identification of sea-ice floes and the floes size detection IEEE 2015
15D19 Vessel segmentation in retinal images using multi scale image enhancement and clustering IEEE 2015
15D20 A scalable tile-based framework for region-merging segmentation IEEE 2015
16D12 Comparison-based image quality assessment for selecting image restoration parameters IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D13 Analysis of moment algorithms for blurred images IEEE 2016
16D14 LBP-based segmentation of defocus blur IEEE 2016
16D15 An efficient SVD -based method for image denoising IEEE 2016
16D16 Design and application of novel morphological filter used in vehicle detection IEEE 2016
15D06 Weighted guided image filtering IEEE 2015
15D07 An efficient SVD - based method for image de-noising IEEE 2015
15D08 A fast single image haze removal algorithm using color attenuation prior IEEE 2015
15D09 Similarity validation based nonlocal means image de-noising IEEE 2015
15D10 An improved fog-removing method for the traffic monitoring image IEEE 2015
15D11 GUI based performance comparison of noise reduction techniques based on wavelet transform IEEE 2015
16D17 Multi-scale and multidirectional multi-looking for SAR image enhancement IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D18 Content based image retrieval using salient orientation histograms IEEE 2016
16D19 Variable decomposition in total variant regularizer for denoising/de-blurring Image IEEE 2016
16D20 A new digital face makeup method IEEE 2016
16D21 MRI brain image enhancement using Histogram equalization IEEE 2016
15D21 Enhancing object quality based on saliency map and derivatives on color distances IEEE 2015
15D22 Contrast enhancement algorithm for colour images IEEE 2015
15D24 Histogram analysis for automatic blood vessels detection: first step of IOP IEEE 2015
15D25 A contrast adjustment thresholding method for surface defect detection based on Mesoscopy IEEE 2015
15D26 Image enhancement and feature extraction based on low-resolution satellite data IEEE 2015
16D22 Computer aided approach for detection of age related macular degeneration from retinal fundus images IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D23 The significance of real-time, biomedical and satellite image processing in understanding the objects & application to computer vision IEEE 2016
16D24 Just noticeable difference estimation for screen content images IEEE 2016
16D25 Rejecting character recognition errors using CNN based confidence estimation IEEE 2016
15D12 Counting and classification of highway vehicles by regression analysis IEEE 2015
15D13 A methodology for extracting standing human bodies from single images IEEE 2015
15D14 Identification and counting of pests using extended region growing algorithm IEEE 2015
15D15 Efficient object detection with its enhancement IEEE 2015
15D16 GUI based motion detection of a projectile IEEE 2015
16D26 Efficient and robust audio watermarking for content authentication and copyright protection IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D27 Region based undetectable multiple image watermarking IEEE 2016
16D28 Discrete wavelet transform based video watermarking technique IEEE 2016
16D29 Reversible data hiding: advances in the past two decades IEEE 2016
15D28 Embedding of iris data to hand vein images using watermarking technology to improve template protection in biometric recognition IEEE 2015
15D29 Study and analysis of robust DWT-SVD domain based digital image watermarking technique using Matlab IEEE 2015
16D30 Text extraction in document images: highlight on using corner points IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D31 Just noticeable difference estimation for screen content IEEE 2016
16D32 Vectorization and optimization of fog removal algorithm IEEE 2016
16D33 Detection of hue modification using photo response non-uniformity IEEE 2016
16D34 Lossy image compression using SVD coding algorithm IEEE 2016
16D35 Comparison-based image quality assessment for selecting image restoration parameters IEEE 2016
16D36 An adaptive image mixed noise removal algorithm based on MMTD IEEE 2016
15D32 Facial expression detection techniques: based on viola and jones algorithm and principal component analysis IEEE 2015
15D33 Traffic sign classification using Hough transform and SVM IEEE 2015
15D34 Feature extraction using image mining techniques to identify brain tumors IEEE 2015
15D35 Recognizing planes in a single image IEEE 2015
15D36 Automatic color inspection for colored wires in electric cables IEEE 2015
16D37 Adaptive application of spatial filters on raw CT images IEEE 2016 Reversible
16D38 Two-stage pooling of deep convolutional features for image retrieval IEEE 2016
16D39 Structure-preserving color normalization and sparse stain separation for histological images IEEE 2016
16D40 A method for carving fragmented document and image files IEEE 2016
15D37 Decomposition & reconstruction of medical images in Matlab using different wavelet parameters IEEE 2015
15D38 A saturation-based image fusion method for static scenes IEEE 2015
15D39 Quantification of bound micro bubbles in ultrasound molecular imaging IEEE 2015
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