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M.Tech EEE Power Electronics

IEEE 2015 Projects on Power Electronics with Matlab Simulation

Code Project Title Year Downloads
15PE01 A Dual-Active Bridge Topology With a Tuned CLC Network IEEE 2015
15PE02 A Family of Soft-Switching DC–DC Converters Based on a Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost IEEE 2015
15PE03 A Fully Integrated Three-Level Isolated Single-Stage PFC Converter IEEE 2015
15PE04 A High Gain Input-Parallel Output-Series DC/DC Converter With Dual Coupled Inductors IEEE 2015
15PE05 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter Under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System IEEE 2015
15PE06 A New Interleaved Three-Phase Single-Stage PFC AC–DC Converter With Flying Capacitor IEEE 2015
15PE07 A Novel High Step-up DC/DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications IEEE 2015
15PE08 A Novel Load Adaptive ZVS Auxiliary Circuit for PWM Three-Level DC–DC Converters IEEE 2015
15PE09 A Quasi-Unipolar SPWM Full-Bridge transformerless PV Grid-Connected Inverter with Constant Common-Mode Voltage IEEE 2015
15PE10 A Step-up Resonant Converter for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy IEEE 2015
15PE11 Derivation, Analysis, and Comparison of non-isolated Single-Switch High Step-up Converters With Low Voltage Stress IEEE 2015
15PE12 High-Frequency-Fed Unity Power-Factor AC–DC Power Converter With One Switching Per Cycle IEEE 2015
15PE13 High-Power-Factor Rectifier Using the modified SEPIC Converter Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Mode IEEE 2015
15PE14 Hybrid-Type Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter With High Efficiency IEEE 2015
15PE15 Interleaved Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Converter With Transformer Winding Series–Parallel Autoregulated (SPAR) Current Doubler Rectifier IEEE 2015
15PE16 Naturally Clamped Zero-Current Commutated Soft-Switching Current-Fed Push–Pull DC/DC Converter: Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results IEEE 2015
15PE17 Optimal Design of DCM LCC Resonant Converter With Inductive Filter Based on Mode Boundary Map IEEE 2015
15PE18 A family of zero current transition transformer less photo voltaic grid connected inverter IEEE 2015
15PE19 Resonance Analysis and Soft-Switching Design of Isolated Boost Converter With Coupled Inductors for Vehicle Inverter Application IEEE 2015
15PE20 Hybrid Transformer ZVS/ZCS DC–DC Converter With Optimized Magnetics and Improved Power Devices Utilization for Photovoltaic Module Applications IEEE 2015

IEEE 2014 Projects List M.Tech – Power Electronics / Power Systems

Code Project Title Year Downloads Downloads
14PE1 Maximum power transfer tracking for Ultralow-power electromagnetic energy harvesters IEEE 2014
14PE2 Design and Implementation of an 11-Level Inverter With FACTS Capability for Distributed Energy Systems IEEE 2014
14PE3 Coupled Inductor Based Current-Fed Switched Inverter for Low Voltage Renewable Interface IEEE 2014
14PE4 A New General Topology for Cascaded Multilevel Inverters with Reduced Number of Components Based on Developed H-Bridge IEEE 2014
14PE5 A Novel Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional AC/DC Converter PWM Strategy With Feed forward Control for Grid-Tied Micro grid Systems IEEE 2014
14PE6 An Effective Control Method for Quasi-Z-Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter-Based Grid-Tie Single-Phase Photovoltaic Power System IEEE 2014
14PE7 Control of Reduced-Rating Dynamic Voltage Restorer With a Battery Energy Storage System IEEE 2014
14PE8 design and simulation of current-fed switched inverter IEEE 2014
14PE9 Five-Level Diode-Clamped Inverter with three-Level Boost Converter IEEE 2014
14PE10 A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System IEEE 2014
14PE11 A Novel ZVT-ZCT-PWM Boost Converter IEEE 2014
14PE12 A Solar Power Generation System With a Seven-Level Inverter IEEE 2014
14PE13 An Improved SVPWM based Shunt Active Power Filter for Compensation of Power System Harmonics IEEE 2014
14PE14 Modeling, Design and Fault Analysis of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles IEEE 2014
14PE15 Single Power-Conversion AC–DC Converter With High Power Factor and High Efficiency IEEE 2014
MAT1 A novel three-phase to five-phase transformation using a special transformer connection 2014
MAT2 Super capacitors and battery power management for hybrid vehicle applications using multi boost and full bridge converters 2014
MAT3 Direct torque control for doubly fed induction machine-based wind turbines under voltage dips and without crowbar protection 2014
MAT4 Implementation and control of an hybrid multilevel converter with floating dc-links for current waveform improvement 2014
MAT5 A facts device: distributed power-flow controller (DPFC) 2014
MAT6 Ripple current reduction of a fuel cell for a single-phase isolated converter using a dc active filter with a center tap 2014
MAT7 Enhancement of power quality in distribution system using D-STATCOM 2014
MAT8 Power-management strategies for a grid-connected PV-FC hybrid system 2014
MAT9 Wind farm to weak-grid connection using UPQC custom power device 2014
MAT10 Single-phase to three-phase drive system using two parallel single-phase rectifiers 2014
MAT11 Enhancement of micro turbine-generator Output voltage quality through application of matrix converter interface 2014
MAT12 A fuzzy rule-based approach for islanding detection in distributed generation 2014
MAT13 A new 84-pulse VSC configuration using multi-level dc voltage reinjection for especial applications 2014
MAT14 Design of a hybrid PID plus fuzzy controller for speed control of induction motors 2014
MAT15 An inrush mitigation technique of load transformers for the series voltage sag compensator 2014
MAT16 A 28 pulse ac-dc converter based SMPS for telecom power supplyr 2014
MAT17 Novel direct torque control based on space vector modulation with adaptive stator flux observer for induction motor 2014
MAT18 A voltage controlled adjustable speed PMBLDCM Drive using a single-stage PFC half-bridge converter 2014
MAT19 A STATCOM control scheme for grid connected wind energy system for power quality improvement 2014
MAT20 An integrated Four Port DC/DC Converter for Renewable Energy Application 2014
MAT21 PMBLDC motor with speed loops 2014
MAT22 Vector control of induction motor 2014
MAT23 Study of transient and steady state performance of three phase wound rotor induction motor with rotor resistance control 2014
MAT24 Transient and steady state performance of VSI fed 3-phase squirrel cage induction machine 2014
MAT25 Wound rotor synchronous motor fed by matrix converter 2014
MAT26 Sensor less control of induction motor 2014
MAT27 Modeling of a permanent magnet synchronous motor 2014
MAT28 Space vector pulse width modulation of induction motor 2014
MAT29 Design of UPFC 2014
MAT30 Z sources non linear load 2014
MAT31 Z sources linear load 2014
MAT32 Direct torque control of induction motor 2014
MAT33 Design of DVR 2014
MAT34 Distributed static compensator 2014
MAT35 Induction motor design and simulation 2014
MAT36 Study of induction motor braking 2014
MAT37 Rotor resistance control 2014
MAT38 3 phase PMBLDC fed from current controlled voltage source 2014
MAT39 Design of 6 pulse dual bridges 2014
MAT40 EMI simulation of AC/DC converter 2014
MAT41 EMI simulation of DC/AC converter 2014
MAT42 A genetic algorithm based approach to optimal power flow problem 2014
MAT43 Simulation of a space vector PWM controller for a three-level voltage-fed inverter motor drive 2014
MAT44 Electronic transformer for voltage regulation control 2014
MAT45 Design of doubly fed induction motor 2014
MAT46 Single phase to three phase conversion using cycloconverter and scott transformation 2014
MAT47 Three phase bridge inverter using 120-conduction and 180-conduction 2014
MAT48 Particle SWARM optimization 2014
MAT49 Digital combination of buck and boost converters using positive buck-boost converter and improve the output transient 2014
MAT50 A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems 2014
MAT51 Low Frequency Oscillations Damping by Static Synchronous Series Compensator Equipped with an Auxiliary Fuzzy Logic Controller 2014
MAT53 Dynamic Stability Improvement of an Integrated Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Farm andMarine-Current Farm Using a STATCOM 2014
MAT54 Energy Management and Power Control of a Hybrid Active Wind Generator for Distributed Power Generation and Grid Integration 2014
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