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M.Tech Embedded Systems

IEEE 2016-17 Projects for M.Tech Embedded Systems

Code Project Title Year Base Paper Abstract Reversible
16EM01 IoT based occupancy monitoring techniques for energy efficient Smart buildings IEEE 2016
16EM02 An integrated cloud-based smart home management system with community hierarchy IEEE 2016
16EM03 Enhanced fingerprinting and trajectory prediction for IoT localization in smart buildings IEEE 2016
16EM04 Self-configuration and smart binding control on IoT applications IEEE 2016
16EM05 Classifying a person’s degree of accessibility from natural body language during social human–robot interactions IEEE 2016
16EM06 Managing contingencies in smart grids via the internet of things IEEE 2016
16EM07 IoT based smart healthcare kit IEEE 2016
16EM08 Effective ways to use internet of things in the field of medical and smart health care IEEE 2016
16EM09 BSN-Care: A secure IoT-based modern healthcare system using body sensor network IEEE 2016
16EM10 A conceptual framework for IoT-based healthcare system using cloud computing IEEE 2016
16EM11 A smart switch to connect and disconnect electrical devices at home by using internet IEEE 2016
16EM12 Point-n-Press: An intelligent universal remote control system for home appliances IEEE 2016
16EM12 Point-n-Press: An intelligent universal remote control system for home appliances IEEE 2016
15EM01 IoT based occupancy monitoring techniques for energy efficient Smart buildings IEEE 2015
15EM02 Wi-Fi based communication and localization of an autonomous mobile robot for refinery inspection IEEE 2015
15EM03 A GSM, WSN and embedded web server architecture for internet based kitchen monitoring system IEEE 2015
15EM04 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module IEEE 2015
16EM13 Embedded control system for smart walking assistance device IEEE 2016 Wearable Electronics
16EM14 Toward a wearable RFID system for real-time activity recognition using radio patterns IEEE 2016
16EM15 Autonomous wearable system for vital signs measurement with energy-harvesting module IEEE 2016
16EM16 An autonomous wireless sensor node with asynchronous ECG monitoring in 0.18 m CMOS IEEE 2016
16EM17 Electronic visits in primary care: modeling, analysis, and scheduling policies IEEE 2016
16EM18 Smart real-time healthcare monitoring and tracking system using GSM/GPS technologies IEEE 2016
16EM19 Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring IEEE 2016
16EM20 A smart helmet for air quality and hazardous event detection for the mining industry IEEE 2016
16EM21 Configurable zigbee-based control system for people with multiple disabilities in smart homes IEEE 2016
16EM22 Real-time patient health monitoring and alarming using wireless-sensor-network IEEE 2016
16EM23 Measurement system with accelerometer integrated RFID tag for infrastructure health monitoring IEEE 2016
15EM05 EEG-Based Attention Tracking during Distracted Driving IEEE 2015
15EM06 Design of a multimodal EEG based hybrid BCI system with Visual servo module IEEE 2015
15EM07 Involving graduating engineers in applying a commercial BCI to motorized wheelchair driving IEEE 2015
15EM08 A Generic Framework for EEG-Based Biometric Authentication IEEE 2015
15EM09 A Brain Computer Interface for Smart home Control IEEE 2015
15EM22 A wireless tracking system for at-home medical equipment during Natural disasters IEEE 2015
15EM23 A portable electronic system for health monitoring of elderly People IEEE 2015
15EM24 Android based health care monitoring system IEEE 2015
15EM25 Design and implementation of automated blood bank using embedded systems IEEE 2015
15EM31 A secure biometrics-based multi-server authentication protocol using smart cards IEEE 2015
15EM32 Secured electronic voting machine using biometric IEEE 2015
16EM27 High-precision vehicle navigation in urban environments using an MEM’s IMU and single-frequency GPS receiver IEEE 2016 Wearable Electronics
16EM28 Non-intrusive planning the roadside infrastructure for vehicular networks IEEE 2016
16EM29 Nonlinear coordinated steering and braking control of vision-based autonomous vehicles in emergency obstacle avoidance IEEE 2016
16EM30 Prefetching-based data dissemination in vehicular cloud systems IEEE 2016
16EM31 Vehicle-assisted device-to-device data delivery for smart grid IEEE 2016
16EM32 Real-time global localization of robotic cars in lane level via lane marking detection and shape registration IEEE 2016
16EM33 Generation of a precise and efficient lane-level road map for intelligent vehicle systems IEEE 2016
16EM34 Zigbee network system for observing operating activities of work vehicles IEEE 2016
16EM35 Autonomous gas detection and mapping with unmanned aerial vehicles IEEE 2016
15EM39 Design and implementation of a multifunctional self-balancing Mobile platform IEEE 2015
15EM40 Traffic signal phase and timing estimation from low-frequency transit bus data. IEEE 2015
15EM41 Passenger journey destination estimation from automated fare collection system data using spatial validation IEEE 2015
15EM42 Driver gaze tracking and eyes off the road detection system IEEE 2015
15EM43 Secure and privacy-preserving smartphone-based traffic information systems IEEE 2015
15EM44 Performance evaluation of GNSS for train localization IEEE 2015
15EM45 Co-GPS: Energy efficient GPS sensing with cloud offloading IEEE 2015
15EM46 Implementing intelligent traffic control system for congestion Control, ambulance clearance, and stolen vehicle detection IEEE 2015
15EM47 Vehicle to vehicle safety device - an ease for safe IEEE 2015
15EM48 Travolution - an embedded system in passenger car for road safety IEEE 2015
15EM49 Sensor based identification system for train collision avoidance IEEE 2015
15EM50 RFID Based Intelligent Bus Management and Monitoring System IEEE 2015
15EM51 Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles IEEE 2015
15EM52 Multisensory Railway Track Geometry Surveying System IEEE 2015
15EM33 Secure end-to-end SMS communication over GSM networks IEEE 2015 Reversible
15EM34 Design and implementation of an SMS based home security system IEEE 2015
15EM35 Leak detection, size estimation and localization in pipe flows IEEE 2015
15EM36 Twins device-free object tracking using passive tags IEEE 2015
15EM37 Design and implementation of a multifunctional self-balancing Mobile platform IEEE 2015
15EM38 Arm based remote monitoring and control system for environmental parameters in greenhouse IEEE 2015
16EM24 Sizing and Analysis of Renewable Energy and Battery Systems in Residential Microgrids IEEE 2016 Embedded smart grid and smart metering
16EM25 Smart electricity meter data intelligence for future energy systems: A survey IEEE 2016
16EM26 Water level meter for alerting population about floods IEEE 2016
15EM26 Home appliance load modeling from aggregated smart meter data IEEE 2015
15EM27 Optimal energy management of greenhouses in smart grids IEEE 2015
15EM28 Last-meter smart grid embedded in an internet-of-things platform. IEEE 2015
15EM29 Wireless arm-based automatic meter reading & control system (WAMRCS). IEEE 2015
15EM30 Real time AMR & AMP; control of household energy meter with zigbee communication IEEE 2015
16EM36 Smart Configuration of Smart Environments IEEE 2016 Wireless mobile sensor networking
16EM37 “Teach Me–Show Me”— End-user personalization of a smart home and companion robot IEEE 2016
16EM38 A time synchronization technique for CoAP-based home automation systems IEEE 2016
16EM39 A rule-based service customization strategy for smart home context-aware automation IEEE 2016
16EM40 The design of building fire monitoring system based on zigbee-Wi Fi networks IEEE 2016
15EM14 Minimizing movement for target coverage and network connectivity in mobile sensor networks IEEE 2015
15EM15 WSN based smart sensors and actuator for power management in Intelligent buildings. IEEE 2015
15EM16 Zigbee based communication system for data transfer within future micro grids IEEE 2015
15EM17 A sensor-based dual-arm tele-robotic system IEEE 2015
15EM18 Energy efficient Ethernet for real-time industrial networks IEEE 2015
15EM19 Optimizing data forwarding from body area networks in the Presence of body shadowing with dual wireless technology nodes IEEE 2015
15EM20 Zigbee (2.4G) wireless sensor network application on indoor intrusion detection IEEE 2015
15EM21 On the design of energy efficient environment monitoring station and data collection network based on ubiquitous wireless sensor networks IEEE 2015
14EM02 A Unique Model of Characterization & Performance Estimation of Various Solar Photovoltaic Cells/Modules Using Microcontroller IEEE 2014 Photovoltaic Energy Resource
14EM09 Sun Tracking Schemes for Photovoltaic Panels IEEE 2014
14EM14 Battery Powered Heating and Cooling Suit IEEE 2014
14EM22 Devising a solar powered standalone vehicle using GSM communication network IEEE 2014
14EM24 Smart home energy management system including renewable energy based on zigbee IEEE 2014
14EM04 Embedded Microcontroller using GPS as a Security Resource for Disabled People IEEE 2014 GSM & GPS and DTMF
14EM07 Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM/GPRS Technology and Smartphone Application IEEE 2014
14EM08 Freighter Fuel Level detection and Overload Alarming System with Safety Notification via GSM IEEE 2014
14EM12 Embedded System for Home Automation Using SMS IEEE 2014
14EM16 Development of a Cell Phone Based Vehicle Remote Control System IEEE 2014
14EM17 GSM Wireless Technology Implementation in Haze Monitoring IEEE 2014
14EM11 Design and Development of Precision Agriculture System Using Wireless Sensor Network IEEE 2014 Wireless Sensor Network
14EM15 Harmful gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design IEEE 2014
14EM20 Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and GPRS module IEEE 2014
14EM25 A dynamic secret based encryption scheme for smart grid wireless communication IEEE 2014
14EM26 Sensor node failure detection based on round trip delay and paths in WSNs IEEE 2014
14EM06 Non-invasive Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring Instrument Based Microcontroller IEEE 2014 Biomedical &  Biometric
14EM13 Design and Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device Using Wireless System IEEE 2014
14EM19 Biometric Access Control Implementation Using 32 bit Arm Processor IEEE 2014
14EM01 Microcontroller managed module for automatic ventilation of vehicle interior IEEE 2014 Sensor interface and Protocols Implementation
14EM05 Microcontroller-based multiple-platform PWM signal generation procedures for industrial use IEEE 2014
14EM10 Wind speed measurement and alert system for tunnel fire safety IEEE 2014
14EM18 Traffic Sign Recognition for autonomous driving robot IEEE 2014
14EM23 Development of RGB LED dimming control technology using smartphone IEEE 2014
WYCP1 Light intensity based Street light automation using PSoC Mixed Signal PSoC Mixed Signal Array Projects on Sensors and Automation
WYCP2 Petrochemical level indicator and controller for automation of cotton purification industries using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
WYCP3 Industrial boiler temperature monitor with PSoC mixed signal array
WYCP5 Proximity Sensor based intelligent Security system using PSoC
WYCP20 Temperature measurement and control system based on PSoC
WYCP22 Super sensitive Industrial Security System using PSoC
WYCP24 Hazardous gas detecting in coal mine detection robot using PSoC
WYCP7 RF based Wireless Industrial Device control using PSoC
WYCP19 Development of remote gas monitor system using PSoC
WYCP21 Temperature data logger and display on pc through ZigBee using PSoC
WYCP12 Remote control of smart household based on DTMF using PSoC
WYCP4 Implementation of UART protocol for PC based temperature data logger using PSoC mixed signal array rotocols Implementation and Interfacing with PSoC
WYCP8 Auto turn off water pump with four different time slots using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
WYCP14 Applications of MEMS in robotics using Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) Mixed Signal Array
WYCP23 Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
AND313 Android based home automation with fan speed control Android Industrial Automation
AND210 Android based password based door lock system for industrial applications
AND219 Android based electronic notice board (16X2 LCD)
AND235 Android based digital heart beat rate and temperature monitoring system
AND411 Android based vehicle tracking system
AND419 Woman security assistance system with GPS tracking and messaging system
ANDR1 Android based Robotic Arm with Base Rotation, Elbow and Wrist Motion with a Functional Gripper Android Industrial Automation
ANDR2 Android based Metal Detecting Robot with Remote Voice and Image Transmission to assist bomb detection and rescue team
ANDR5 Android based hand gesture based robot control using (mobile inbuilt Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS technology
ANDR8 Android based RF Controlled Robotic Boat to Travel in Water with Wireless Video and Voice
ANDR9 Android based Fire Fighting Robot with high pressure water sprinkler
ANDR10 Android based LPG Detecting Robot with wireless Voice and Image Transmission
ANDR16 Android Based farmer friendly Agricultural Robot with motorized shovel control System with automatic seed dispensing system
ANDR18 Android Based Pole climbing Robot for surveillance application with voice and image recording in SD card / Memory card
ANDR21 Android based multi Terrain Robot to travel on water surface, Indoor and outdoor uneven surfaces for defense applications
ANDR22 Android based intelligent speech recognition and voice operated robot
RP1 Android based intelligent speech recognition and voice operated robot Raspberry Pi IoT and Web Projects
RP2 Optical Character Recognition system with voice announcement
RP3 IoT based Home Automation using Email
RP4 Doorbell notify with image capture and forward through Email Email using raspberry Pi
RP5 Advance Security System with Intruder Image capture and forward through Email using raspberry Pi
RPC2 Advance Security System with Intruder Image capture and forward through Email using raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Communication Projects
RP204 Supersensitive security system with auto dialer (owner will be alerted by phone call on intrusion, can listen to the conversation of the thieves on his mobile) using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP337 RF based tsunami detection and remote alert system with 60dB siren
RP108 IR based automatic mirror lamp controller using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP213 High sensitive IR based unmanned railway gate control using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP241 Automatic speed control of vehicle at school zones using IR sensor using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP115 Implementation of wall breaking sensor by interfacing vibration detector to activate 60dB siren using Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Projects on Sensors, Security, Automation
RP119 Diamond security system in museums with loud 60dB siren using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP208 High sensitive LDR based power saver for street light control system using R Pi
RP228 Automatic dam gate control system with caution alarm using Raspberry Pi
RP236 Intelligent automatic podium light control system using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP239 Automatic plant irrigation system with dry/wet soil sense and controlling 230V water pump for agricultural applications using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RP244 Shock proof electrical appliances control system for physically challenged using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RPR2 Shock proof electrical appliances control system for physically challenged using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Robotics Projects
RPR8 RF controlled robotic boat to travel in water for ocean research application using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RPR9 Raspberry Pi based Wireless RF controlled firefighting robot with high pressure air blower/water using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RPR10 Wireless RF controlled LPG detecting robot for underground and mining using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
RPR14 Head movement controlled car driving system to assist the physically challenged using ARM11 based Raspberry Pi
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